Why Now Is The Right Time To Modernize Your Invoicing System?

A decade ago, businesses followed traditional way of sending out printed invoices. At the end of billing period, a dedicated team manually verifies, creates and mails off the printed invoice copies to each customer.

This method has its own challenges as in creating templates for each customer and recording expenses twice – once in company ledger and once in individual invoice. Also, hand-written invoices are prone to errors and need extra efforts to spot those missing order numbers, incorrect data or even double entry.

Furthermore the life-cycle of an invoice from generation to receiving the payment may take at least a month. Whether you send the invoice by post or by email – still manual invoicing is rather time consuming, laborious and outdated.

On the other hand, online invoicing solves all the above said issues and gives businesses a convenient payment option. Today’s businesses/customers’ are expecting speed and ease in relation to what they do – and this explains why modernizing the invoicing system is paramount. What else does e-invoicing offer? Let’s discuss the key benefits.

Send invoices quickly

A few clicks, and you can easily create and send invoices as soon as the task is completed. You don’t have to wait for the end of the billing period to send them.


Easy accounting and cash flow management

Sending invoices directly from the time tracking software keeps a record of the entire cash flow. So, no more digging the tray for old invoices and crunching numbers becomes easier – as all data is secured in the software itself.


Track your invoice status

Once sent, you can easily track if the invoice has been opened or not. You can find out if the payment has arrived and if there is delay, you can set automatic reminders so your email doesn’t get lost.


Possibility of getting invoices paid is 45% higher

Getting paid for the service offered is the ultimate goal.  Online invoice offers different payment options so your clients can make payment faster.


The online software does it for you

The online software makes the entire invoicing process a breeze and reduces workload. For example, if it’s an ongoing project, you can simply set automatic invoicing and the software takes care of the rest.


Professional and reliable

You can design and send unique invoices with your company logo. This gives a more professional look and increases brand reputation.


Enables a paperless environment

Global expansion and dedicated offshoring model made paperless environment a mandate. Online invoicing system helps go green as all transactions are indexed and saved electronically under a unique sequential number. This eliminates the need for storing data in paper form.


Why Handdy invoices is good enough for 99% of businesses?

Being in businesses for over 15 years made us understand what exactly a business need is when it comes to invoicing. Our expertise in handling global businesses taught us the need for sending invoices on time and the difficulties in chasing for the payment.

We have tried different software but we felt that something more, yet software with simpler features is required for startups and SMEs to function more effectively.  Keeping our experience as a base, we have designed Handdy – a cloud based online software that deals with the pain point of each business.

Good online invoicing software nudges the customers to make payment faster, but however the advantages don’t stop there. Here’s an info graphic that shows why Handdy invoices is good enough for 99% of businesses.

Why Handdy invoices is good enough for 99% of businesses

If you’re ready to learn how we can make your business more remote friendly, visit Handdy Timesheets.

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