Employee Monitoring Software – Why Is It Important For Your Business?

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According to US statistics survey, 64% of employees say they visit non-work related websites everyday while they are at work. 85% of employees say they use their company email address for sending and receiving personal emails. 30% of those surveyed say they watch sports online while 25% say they shop online while at work.

These stats show that each year American businesses face up to a 40% loss in productivity due to non-work related internet surfing.

That is why companies invest on servers and monitoring systems to manage employee behavior. With working from home being new norm, micromanaging each and every employee becomes practically impossible.

Thankfully, cloud-based time tracking, and employee monitoring software lends a helping hand in clearly identifying and treating those quintessential productivity killers.

How Does Employee Monitoring Software Improve Productivity?

As you may know, time tracking is a practical solution to fix productivity loss because, its benefits are not limited to tracking work hours – rather, it helps measure and document the hours spent on individual business units.

Let’s say an employee is spending too much time on a specific task or project – what does it indicate? The length of hours worked including the breaks taken in-between them shows any of these three;

  • Lack of knowledge or skill set pertaining to the assigned task
  • Insufficient resources to complete the task
  • Employee being over occupied or task procrastination

Most of the time, it might be difficult to identify which of these is affecting the overall productivity. This is where, time tracking software takes the burden off and helps improve time sheet accuracy and employee integrity ultimately mapping out those areas that pull productivity down.

Employee Monitoring Software Helps Achieve Major Business Objectives:

As you start using the employee time tracking software you can achieve these major business objectives:

  1. Get real time information on employee workplace activity including
    1. Inactive hours and idle time
    2. Tasks performed
    3. Web and application usage
    4. Social media usage
    5. Screen capture and keystroke logging
  2. Generates data and reports that provides real time visibility into individual projects and gives you clarity on where and how to make changes
  3. Gives insight on process flow, team size and even pending tasks so you can analyze and decide whether to expedite work flow, hire resources or stop taking in more projects
  4. Assessment and decision-making process becomes more practical, eliminating guesswork

What to Look for in Employee Monitoring Software?

While choosing an employee monitoring software, you should first analyze what features you really need and which software provides it all. You’ll have to strike a balance between effectiveness, user-friendliness and affordability. If you are looking to have all the features on earth, the product might be comprehensive and have a sharp learning curve.

To make it simpler for you, we have jotted down some of the basic features you can look for in an employee monitoring software:

  • Complete time tracking: Full time tracking means tracking everything what an employee does right from login to logout
  • Reporting option: A good time and attendance software allows you to create and generate custom reports based on your preference. It allows you to pull reports team wise and staff wise as per date/week/month. In a single stretch you can see – employee count, to which team a particular employee belongs and the tasks/projects/clients handled by a certain staff
  • Keystroke logging: Keystroke logging tracks and documents every key a user hits along with date and time across each session
  • Web-page monitoring: Web page monitoring tracks and documents the website’s an employee visits. It tracks the URL’s including date, time and for how long one stayed on a particular site
  • Application monitoring:Application monitoring tracks and logs the different software accessed during work hours. For example, if an employee is running non-work related programs or games during company time, it tracks the time the applications were used and for how long. Some advanced features also gives you screen shots of such non-work related activities
  • Affordability:You need to check if the time tracking software is affordable and has free trial option. Some companies offer unlimited free version of employee monitoring software with all the features required for you to get going
  • Customer support and Tech support: Last but not least, you need to check if the company has a proven track record for customer service and tech support, in case you require their help later on

Getting Started with Employee Time Tracking Software:

Getting started with employee monitoring is a straightforward process – all you have to do is install the time tracking software in your PC, activate the monitoring features and you are good to go.  From then on, the online time tracking tool will monitor and document employee engagement with workplace related activities right from login to logout.

Explore Handdy Timesheets – Monitor Everything What Your Employees Do:

Most time tracking software comes free but only for a very limited period of time and with limited features. But Handdy Timesheets is forever free for time tracking and low fixed monthly fee for monitoring features.

Especially, if you are a small business you can take advantage of the free version and get most out of it. For example, you can easily split projects into micro level tasks and track hours on each of them to boost productivity. You can easily measure individual tasks/projects and generate reports as per your preference and much more.

What else do you need, when you get all of it free in Handdy Timesheets?


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