Can you carry a bucket filled with water?
Sure you can, child’s play, isn’t it?
Can you carry a bucket filled to the brim with water – but with a hole in it?
Now you are frowning. That’s tough. Water would start leaking.
Besides what I am asking you to do does not make sense.

A website without an appropriate call to action is no different!

Makes no sense.

The bucket, however big it is serves no purpose even if it has a small hole in it. Similarly, if you have a website, you have to place appropriate calls to action wherever necessary.…

I was reading an interesting blog the other day. As I scrolled down the page I noticed this particular section devoted to an array of social media icons. There was everything there – a whole list from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter to Digg and Stumble Upon. That was when it hit me how social media could affect a business on the internet. Several micro blogging sites and social media platforms change the way we share and interact with others. On that note, here is an article about something that will change the way people recognize your internet presence.

Google Plus is the recent entry that is going to give a totally new perspective to the way people search on the internet.…