Investing in dumb luck

This should rather be called gambling right? No wait. It is more like buying a lottery ticket.

Yes, people purchase lottery tickets with the small hope of making big money by giving very little. Nothing wrong with that; if you win you win big and if you lose you lose very little. It makes perfect sense.

But what would you call a business owner who buys a lottery ticket with everything he has got? His money, his time, his family, his experience, his pride, his everything.

You would call him stupid.  But business owners don’t generally come under the stupid category.…

How this leaky bucket algorithm will help you make a great website!

Can you carry a bucket filled with water?
Sure you can, child’s play, isn’t it?
Can you carry a bucket filled to the brim with water – but with a hole in it?
Now you are frowning. That’s tough. Water would start leaking.
Besides what I am asking you to do does not make sense.

A website without an appropriate call to action is no different!

Makes no sense.

The bucket, however big it is serves no purpose even if it has a small hole in it. Similarly, if you have a website, you have to place appropriate calls to action wherever necessary.…